The Ladder of Success

A lot of us are raised with the concept to go to college, find a great job, and make lots of money. The “American Dream.”

Well, what if a lot of money is made and still no happiness within the job? Are you still living the “American Dream?” Or have you settled on societies views of success?

To answer these questions, first you have to figure out what is “Success?” Is it making lots of money and never having a social life? Or maybe it’s putting up with your boss’s bull in hopes of one day having his or her job.

In my opinion, success is whatever makes you happy. Go for what makes your soul sing without giving your soul away. When you do whatever makes you the happiest you feel alive. You function better as a human being and you are able to give more to humanity. Having a job is good, but having an experience that is tailored made for you is priceless.