➤ The Best Clients Ever!

"I was able to get an interview because of a great resumé, got the job and the rest is history. She does other writing services as well which I have used. I would highly recommend her."
Navneel S.
Plant Operations Manager


Hi Nicole,
"I just wanted you to know that this is a beautiful resumé." 😄
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Delphine E.


Good Morning Nicole -
"Thank you so much! My resumé turned out better than I expected. Wish me luck :)"
Katherine B.
Deputy Director Public Relations

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Hey Nicole,
"Thanks for your flexibility. It looks GREAT! I'll start sending it out today. It's been a pleasure working with you."
Jeff T.
Territorial Project Manager


"I really appreciated Nicole's patience and willingness to fully understand my field of interest.  She was awesome and I'd definitely refer her to a friend."
Andre M.
Vice President Lending Division

Hi Nicole,
"Thanks again for all your help, good timing too, I just got an invitation from the state to apply for an attorney position! I'll definitely pass your name along."
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Chris B.


Dear Nicole,
"Thank you so much! I am sure you did your best and thank you again for your hard work on it. Yes, I think it is the best resumé and cover letter I ever had."
Best Regards,
Physician Assistant


Hi Nicole,

"Thank You so much for your help. Greatly appreciated. My husband needs his resumé updated soon. I will reach out to you when he is ready."
Jill C.
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"I love it! Thank you so much."
Deanna M.
Research Administrative Specialist


Good Morning Nichole!
"I loved the work you did on my resumé last year! I’m looking to relocate and was wondering if I could a price estimate on an updated resumé? I have two more positions to add."
 Thank You,
Cassandra D.