Stop Expecting Recruiters and Employers to Respond

Yes, it would be nice if an employer or recruiter kept candidates updated on the position posted by extending a response after an interview. But guess what? That doesn’t always happen. In a world of unicorns it happens all the time, but in the real world, no.

With that said, candidates should go in with the mindset to stay positive and never give up. When you go on an interview, even if you really want the position keep moving and detach from the position and if you were meant to have it, it will circle back.

Don’t spend time wondering if you were good enough, or why no one has called, it’s just a waste of your time, because at the end of the day, no one owes you an explanation.

If inquiring minds really must know, reach out to the employer for feedback, most will reply to your request.

Some Tips –

✓ Don’t put all of you eggs in one basket, find multiple positions of interest, and go for it.

✓ Once you apply or go on an interview, release with no expectations.

✓ You are good enough, so don’t sabotage and undermine your talents.

The right employer at the right time will show up.

Stay positive and believe.