💫Write Your Own Résumé

Anyone with a computer can write a resume, don’t forget to add the following elements and just like that, your hired!

âś“Strong Summary | Um, an objective statement?

âś“Describe in Detail | I want the job, what else?

âś“Check for Errors | I’m always correct

âś“ATS keywords | ATS what?

âś“Organize resume | Where to start?

âś“Update format | No idea

✓And so on…….. | What a pain

If it were that simple to write a resume, everyone would be an expert. Writing a resume is like a puzzle, all pieces have to fit. The words expressed in a resume must flow and compliment the skills presented, topped with an effective up-to-date design.

Everyone can’t do what you do, but each of us are experts in our own right and we all come barring gifts. You don’t call a mechanic to fix your plumbing, you call a plumber.

When life presents challenges, ask for help and reach out to an expert, it can make for an easier productive workload.

What do you bring to the table of success for others?